Yes, You Can Toast Marshmallows in a Skillet

This is my most brilliant non-recipe ever. Here is the whole thing:

Ingredients: Marshmallows and chocolate. Graham cracker crumbs if you have them.

Instructions: Heat the skillet over medium, put marshmallows in an even layer, and allow them to toast, turning when the bottoms are golden. Toast marshmallows in a nonstick skillet, turning when bottoms are golden. Grate chocolate over top and sprinkle with crumbs.

I’m a genius! Not only did I figure this out, I told you all about it in just a one-minute read. You’re welcome. I love you too. Scroll down for details.

For the marshmallows, the holiday ones with a flat side work best. Pictured are some star-shaped marshmallows from July 4. For the skillet, just make sure it’s nonstick. No efficient kitchen should be without a nonstick skillet. The new ceramic non-stick skillets are pretty good, but I prefer the cheap kind. I think either would work for toasting marshmallows.

A microplane grater is one item that no efficient kitchen should be without. This grates chocolate, cheese, lemon zest and whatever else you want grated finely and quickly.

To serve, place in an attractive bowl and top with graham cracker crumbs, sprinkles, gold dust and caramel sauce. Or, if you’re like me and you discovered this method of toasting marshmallows because you were all alone on a rainy day, and had an emotional-eater craving, and found out that trying to toast a marshmallow over the open flame of your gas stove was only causing it to go up in flames and make you even sadder….just get your little silicone spatula (another item no efficient kitchen should be without) and eat immediately.

We are beginning to see why there aren’t more recipes on my blog.


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